What's new with Collabwriting?

If this is your first time checking Collabwriting, this article is your go-to guide to understanding all the cool stuff it can do.

Wanna learn more about Collabwriting? This is your go-to guide to understanding all the cool stuff it can do.

It's been a while since we posted our 5 Tips to Make the Most of Collabwriting blog here.

Since then, we've been busy improving the tool, all to make collaboration and staying organized super easy for those who dive into online research daily.

If this is your first time checking out the tool this article is your go-to guide to understanding all the cool stuff it can do.

Highlight and Save: Streamlining information gathering

Collabwriting simplifies the process of gathering information by allowing users to highlight important text from diverse web pages and PDFs effortlessly.

This is a game-changer for content marketers, lawyers, consultants, and student researchers, providing a seamless way to pinpoint and collect crucial information during online research.

How to collaborate on PDFs with Collabwriting
No matter how you like to collaborate, the truth is that collaboration on PDFs is super common. They’re secure, support e-signatures, and always look the same no matter what app or tool you use.

Leave Comments: Fostering collaboration and contextual understanding

The ability to leave comments on highlighted sections takes collaboration to a new level.

Content marketers can use this to enhance team communication, lawyers can add context to legal documents, and consultants can clarify reports with explanatory comments.

This feature helps everyone involved in the research process stay on the same page.

Add Topic Descriptions for easier organization

With Topic Descriptions, you can now add a short explanation when inviting collaborators, helping everyone understand the topic better.

You can also use these descriptions to keep your topics more organized, making everything more structured with just a click.

Topic Descriptions

Share and Collaborate: Breaking down silos

One of Collabwriting's standout features is its capability to create public links and grant specific permissions to users. This not only facilitates seamless sharing but also breaks down information silos.

Team members can collaborate effortlessly, regardless of their physical location, and contribute to the research process in real-time.

You can add Collaborators at any level (Topic, Cluster, Workspace) and give them different access roles (View, Comment, Edit).

Drag and Drop: Integrating with your workflow

The browser extension works well with apps like Google Docs, Notion, Gmail, Outlook, Behiiv, and Document 360, making it a flexible tool for many different users.

Its drag-and-drop feature lets you easily add snippets to your workflows, so you can transfer information with just a click.

Drag & Drop to external resources

Searchable System: Effortless organization and retrieval

To address information overload, Collabwriting provides a searchable system that helps you quickly find what you need.

Searchable System

Within the dashboard, you can explore topics and snippets through a comprehensive search feature.

Located in the upper right corner, you'll find the Search Topic function. Simply click on it to start searching. Through the use of keywords, this search tool examines snippets' contents.

This refined search capability ensures that you easily pinpoint the desired information you seek, fostering efficient knowledge retrieval within your Collabwriting experience.

Users can organize their highlights into different Topics or Clusters, Add tags, and effortlessly retrieve them later. This feature is particularly beneficial for consultants and researchers who deal with a mass of information sources.

Traceable History: Accountability and reference

Collabwriting makes sure every action is saved, tracked, and organized, creating a traceable history for easy access and reference.

This is essential for professionals who need to keep a detailed record of their work, ensure accountability, and facilitate future analysis.

Import Highlights from Kindle

To start the import, all you have to do is go to your Kindle notes, open our extension, and click the "Import Highlights" button.

Import Highlights from Kindle

After creating highlights from an ebook, you can upload them to a Collabwriting topic and manage them just like other highlights from our extension.

To easily access your Kindle highlights, use the shortcut in the Topic settings tab on both the dashboard and the extension.

Just download the Kindle Desktop app to find your highlights. This makes it easier to discuss and explore your content.

Locate created Highlights

Create Cluster: Group topics together

Clusters in Collabwriting help you group related topics, making it easy to organize your research.

Whether you’re adding new topics or rearranging existing ones, you can simply drag and drop topics between clusters.

This streamlines the process of organizing information, offering an intuitive way to structure your research and insights.

Snippet reactions: Thumbs up

Reactions are a simple thumbs-up way to let snippet creators know you find their work helpful or interesting. It’s an easy way to show your support without leaving a comment.

How to react to a snippet?
Find a snippet you like and look for the thumbs-up icon inside it. Click the thumbs-up, and you’ll see the total number of likes, including your own.

Who can react?
Only users with editor or commenter roles can react to snippets. Viewers can see the total number of likes but cannot add their own.

Who sees your like?
Everyone who views the snippet can see the total number of likes, including yours.

Snippet reactions

Email notifications: Mentions

With comments, you can easily tag users to get their attention.

Here’s how:

  1. Start typing a comment: Enter your comment in the input field.
  2. Mention a user: Type "@" followed by their name. Their name will appear in a dropdown menu.
  3. Save your comment: The tagged user will receive an email notification.

Who can be mentioned?
You can mention anyone with editor or commenter access to the Topic, or within Topics in a Cluster they have access to.

To mention external users by email:

  1. Start typing a comment: Enter your comment.
  2. Mention by email: Type "@" followed by their email address. Choose their role.
  3. Save your comment: The user will get an email with the snippet and registration instructions.

Simple Export: Turning insights into action

Exporting highlights to PDFs, Notion, or Google Docs with a single click turns your insights into actionable outcomes.

This makes it easy to move from research to action, making Collabwriting a handy tool for professionals everywhere.

Save LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube or X posts in a click

Collabwriting offers a unique feature that lets you easily save entire posts from LinkedIn, X, Reddit, or YouTube with just a click.

This is especially useful for professionals who use these platforms for industry updates, networking, and gathering valuable insights.

Save LinkedIn posts in a click

And that's not all! The convenience of saving entire posts extends beyond the platforms themselves.

Collabwriting lets users find and access their saved content even when they’re not logged into X or LinkedIn. This ensures you always have access to insights, discussions, and industry updates without interruption.

Research Copilot: Your Autonomous AI Researcher Agents

Autonomous agents search the web and can visit and read websites.

When they find something of interest, they highlight that information with locatable snippets and leave comments explaining why what they found is important.

You can bring various document formats including CSV, PDF, Docs, E-Books, research papers, and reports. Also, you can upload your unstructured data and let our agents do their job.

ChatGPT was only trained on data up to 2021. Research Agents read current news and track changes so your research is always relevant.
Tell Copilot to search for more

Youtube capture

You can now capture screenshots from YouTube videos and locate that exact timestamp later.

  1. Open the Extension: Start by opening the Collabwriting extension in your browser while viewing a YouTube video.
  2. Capture Screenshots: Click the "Save" button beneath the video to capture a screenshot and store it as a snippet. This makes it easy to revisit the exact moment later.
  3. Save Transcripts: Open the YouTube transcript and click the "Save" button to store the text. You can quickly navigate to the specific timestamp you saved.
  4. Preview Videos: On your Dashboard, preview saved videos by opening the Topic, hovering over the snippet, and clicking the play button. This provides a 15-second overview of the exact timestamp you captured.

These help you efficiently capture and manage important video content and transcripts for easy access and review.

In conclusion

Whether it's highlighting, collaborating, or organizing information, Collabwriting is not just a tool - it's what makes online research a breeze.

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